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Windowsill Weed: A home growers cannabis journey


This book is for sensible, law abiding adults who enjoy growing their own plants and consuming cannabis. Percy Grower describes how he learned to grow his own connoisseur grade marijuana buds (cannabis flowers) in his home and garden without needing to setup an expensive grow operation. All you need is a seed and a sunny spot, be it a windowsill, a skylight, conservatory, balcony, roof terrace, greenhouse, garden or yard. You may already be growing your own tomatoes, peppers or herbs. Cannabis is no more complex and growing it is a fun and rewarding hobby. The aim of this book is to provide the essential things a first time cannabis grower will need to know. It is presented in a relaxed and entertaining manner. It guides you through all the very basics of growing cannabis. You will learn the end-to-end process; from germination right through to consumption in easy and practical steps. This book will teach you: – the cannabis lifecycle and essential elements for a successful grow – two easy to grow techniques ideal for the home grower – tips on how to choose, buy and store seeds – how to make your own hash, cannabis infused oil, cannabis butter and cannabis chocolate – information on various consumption techniques – how to prevent and eradicate common pests and diseases – and more! This book is about growing a specific species of cannabis, “Cannabis Ruderalis”, known commonly as “Autoflowering”. Ruderalis is the smallest of the three cannabis species making it ideal for growing at home. It also has an interesting trait that means it starts to flower automatically (the flowers are the buds you’ll be smoking), making it much easier for a beginner to master. Regard this book as the first run of the ladder to being self sufficient in your cannabis supply. If you decide to scale up and invest later in an indoor/outdoor/greenhouse grow operation, you’ll know all the basics and be able to cope with your first grow a lot better than others would. Using his background in education and communications the author teaches you the basics of cannabis cultivation and shows you that becoming cannabis independent does not require a huge investment in time or money.