Volcano Vaporizer Digit W Easy Valve Kit, Scale, Mill Grinder, Baggie


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The advantage of the Volcano Digit lies in its large digital LED display, which immediately and precisely informs the user of the operating status. The Volcano Digit communicates better with the user and its electronic control system works even more precisely than the bi-metallic regulator on the Volcano Classic – Tested and certified product safety and quality – actual temperature – Display changeover between Celsius and Fahrenheit – Automatic switch off Both Volcano Vaporizers come with a shapely, brushed metal cone. Care was taken to use flavorless materials that are food safe. Both the high-performance heating cartridge and the strong air pump can withstand the toughest stresses and strains. Our customer’s preferences and requirements were taken into consideration when developing the Easy Valve. The Easy Valve is characterized by very easy handling and minimal maintenance work. We are now able to accommodate our large number of users who would rather not clean the valve and mouthpiece or attach a new balloon. Once the Easy Valve can no longer be used, you simply replace the old with a new one. The filling chamber is cleaned and re-used. On both valve kits, the large balloon allows you to keep an excellent visual check on the buildup of vapor. All the parts that direct the air and vapor on the Easy Valve are flavorless and food safe. – Maintenance-free valve balloon – Light and robust – Easy to use – Valve and balloon always attached ready to use – Optimized filling chamber design – Low-priced valve balloon including mouthpiece enables personal use The Easy Valve Starter Set consists of the easy valve filling chamber, 5 pcs. valve balloon with mouthpiece and it is equipped with a wide range of accessories: 6 pcs. spare screen, liquid pad for vaporizing liquids and a cleaning brush.