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Theorist-at-Large: One Woman’s Ambiguous Journey into Medical Cannabis


Theorist-at-Large: One Woman’s Ambiguous Journey into Medical Cannabis, well, it’s a book about my academic journey… a journey of a lifetime. Like nothing—NOTHING–I ever expected! Each section of Theorist-at-Large discusses a semester term, briefly providing an introduction as to my life at the time and then a few chosen articles, or rather papers, I submitted as coursework that I hope are article worthy. As you will come to see, I had no idea the direction—the twists and turns—this journey would take me as I followed this ambiguous process in interdisciplinary education—from Texas, to New Mexico to California to Colorado with Medical Cannabis as my research topic. And, today, I still don’t know exactly where it will end or when I will find myself to no longer be “at-Large.” As the character Dexter, a Showtime serial killer I used as an example of ethics, during the same course I announced my intent to focus my research on marijuana, once stated, “Some experiences are so big…they change your DNA.” This isn’t my life’s story…but it’s a portion of my life that changed who I am (or woke me to who I am) and hope you will find interesting enough to read.