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Marijuana Law in 4:20 (4:20 Law Series)


An accessible, tight, comprehensive guide to marijuana law in the U.S. of A., as of June 2018. Medical marijuana has been legalized in 29 States and Washington D.C., recreational marijuana in 9 states and D.C., yet on the federal level marijuana remains illegal, bringing rise to complex issues of law for the budding industry. Herein you’ll find: key cannabis data and dates, case law highlights, essential statutes and standards, and the abstract and excerpt from “Native Marijuana: American Indian Sovereignty v. Federal Drug Policy”, featuring an original interview with the leader of a federally-recognized tribe. All the essentials of marijuana law rolled into 4 chapters and 20 or so pages to elevate your understanding. Stay tuned for further works in the author’s 4:20 law series, including “Marijuana Case Law in 4:20” and “Native Marijuana Law in 4:20”. Until then, stay lifted and stay legal.