Knimach Herb gridner …

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY, DURABLE HERB GRINDER: Built solely from the highest quality, premium materials that ensure unmatched durability, effectiveness, and performance, our grinder will provide you with perfect crush every time while lasting a lifetime!
UNIQUE DESIGN AND PERFECT KIT! The 53 perfectly positioned, extra sharp diamonds cutting teeth and powerful neodymium magnets combined with a pollen catcher will provide you with extreme efficiency and smooth shredding. Pollen scraper included.
LARGE SPACE:This 4-piece herb grinder makes carrying your herbs as easy and effortless as possible. The large space container and impeccable body design will provide you with an opportunity to always know the quantity of herbs you’re working with while keeping them contained securely and firmly in place.

$17.47 $29.97

Description: HERE’S AN HERB TOBACCO WEED GRINDER THAT DOES IT ALL. With precision polymer teeth and sharp steel blades, this grinder is designed to work with the broadest range of herbs and spices. Whether dried herbs or fresh green leaves, this grinder can handle both without clogging or jamming. YOUR HERBS WILL BE CHOPPED CLEANLY, not ripped or shredded. This type of chopping action is the best way to keep essential oils inside the product, thus retaining maximum flavor and aroma. THE CLEAR STORAGE COMPARTMENT lets you keep track of how much product you’ve ground, and is generously sized, holding up to six heaping tablespoons. For herbs where pollen is a valued component, there’s a 100-micron mesh screen to separate out pollen from the storage chamber and a second chamber to catch the pollen. THIS IS A STURDY AND PRECISELY ENGINEERED TOOL, made from high-grade zinc and tough polycarbonate plastic. It will withstand long use and is made to last a lifetime. Great for cooks, aficionados of fine tobacco and other smokable products, for those who like to chop and blend their own medicinal or flavorful teas, and many others. The K-Brand Guarantee: Purchase with confidence! If you are unsatisfied with your K-Brand Spice Grinder for any reason, we’ll purchase price your money with no questions asked.