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How to Grow Marijuana at Home in 60 Days: A Complete Step by Step Guide to Growing Cannabis in The Comfort of Your Home


How to grow Marijuana at Home in 60 days

A Complete Step by Step Guide to Growing Cannabis in the Comfort of Your Home

Marijuana has been cultivated and used both for the recreational and medicinal purposes for centuries. But it was only a few years ago when we started to see the real medicinal value and its power to heal from many ailments in the western world.

In this Book, I Discuss

  • What is Marijuana(THC, CBD)
  • Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana
  • New Medical discoveries around Marijuana
  • Types of Marijuana that can be Grown easily
  • Difference between High THC and High CBD plants
  • Tools and setup needed to Grow Marijuana at home
  • Steps to Grow Marijuana successfully at home
  • Hydro kit growing methods
  • 7 Tips to grown Marijuana in 60 days
  • Proper Harvesting techniques
  • How to preserve Marijuana for long shelf life

If you follow the steps outlined in this book, you will be able to enjoy growing and enjoying marijuana in less than two months.