Essential DIY Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates: Practical guide to original methods for marijuana extracts, oils and concentrates



In this practical guide, you’ll find the most popular methods to prepare marijuana extractions!

Everything is explained step by step, so you can get the most out of your bud. You’ll learn how to make solvent-less concentrates such as dry sift hash, rosin, RSO and glycerine tincture. This book covers the essential methods for cannabis extractions.

Read away, and cook up your medication into high-grade concentrates to get the best out of your weed. The solvent-less methods provided are recommended to anyone that likes dabbing or smoking their medication.
Important note for patients that prefer to treat their condition with a tincture; we got you covered with a method with vegetable glycerine! This guide of essentials also includes vital recipes to prepare the best cannabis-infused coconut oil and cannabutter from the comfort of your kitchen!

In this guide of essentials, you’ll find the most popular methods to prepare cannanbis extracts. Here is a list of recipe’s and how-to’s you can expect:

  • CO2 cannabis extraction
  • Bubblehash and ice-o-lator
  • Dry-sieve hash
  • Cannabis oils, extracts and concentrates
  • Cannabis oil
  • Rick Simpson oil
  • Different BHO’s
  • Rosin Tech
  • Cannabutter
  • Decarboxylation
  • Ghee (clarified butter)
  • Double boiler method
  • Cannabis-infused coconut oil (long and short)
  • Glycerin Tincture
  • And more..!