DANVEE Herb and Weed Grinder 2.5 Inch Large Four Piece Aluminum Grinder with Pollen Scraper – Cleaning Brush + Practical Velvet Carrying Pouch as a GIFT

❖The highest QUALITY – Our new manufacturing technology provides you with a long lasting product that guarantees satisfaction. The razor sharp teeth on our brand new grinder will never get dull. You will find grinding your herbs and other medicinal products to be easier and smoother than ever.
❖ Treat yourself like ROYALTY – Our newly designed grinder by Danvee will be perfect in your kitchen. Whether you choose the Grey or the Black, your new grinder is a top of the line product was made to not only look great, but it was made to last.
❖ You receive MORE than just a GRINDER – Store your freshly ground herbs in your new grinder and take it anywhere in our free travel size pouch made just for your new grinder. Scrape all of the pollen out of your grinder with a pollen scraper and clean your grinder with our free cleaning brush to always keep it looking brand new.


Danvee grinder includes : · Signature Danvee herb grinder · Pollen scraper · Cleaning brush for maintenance · Velvet carry pouch All of this is packaged in our one of a kind gift box giving you our authentic look! Our grinder is a device made to grind herbs and spices into small bits. It can be used for grinding kitchen herbs such as spices, tea, tobacco, or any other dry leaves intended for kitchen use. A typical grinder consists of two halves that can be separated with sharp teeth aligned in such a way that when both halves are turned, material placed inside is effectively shredded. Our 4 piece grinder lets your herbs fall through the first chamber into the second chamber. When in the second chamber, your herbs are stored and collected and additionally separated from the small pollen particles that come with your herbs. These small particles fall through the very fine mesh of the third part into the last chamber which is the pollen catching chamber. From here you can scrape your pollen with an included pollen scraper. Usage and maintenance : 1. The top and bottom are separated; herbs, spices, and other medicinal products are placed in between the sharp teeth. 2. Now you press the top and bottom together and the two are twisted in opposite direction. Twist until all herbs fall through into the second chamber (middle) of your grinder. 3. Your herbs are stored and ready for use in the middle part of the grinder. To clean : Brush all remaining herbs and pollen away with an included cleaning brush and rinse under water and store.