Curious About Cannabis: A Scientific Introduction to a Controversial Plant



What do you really know about Cannabis? Curious About Cannabis cuts through the hear-say and explores scientific answers to essential questions about “marijuana” like:

• What chemicals are in Cannabis?

• How does Cannabis interact with the human body?

• Why is Cannabis sometimes referred to as a medicine?

• What health risks are associated with using Cannabis?

• Does Cannabis interact negatively with other drugs or medications?

• What are Cannabis extracts?

• What is “dabbing”?

• Will I fail a drug test if I use a Cannabis infused topical?

• How does Cannabis use affect driving ability?

• What is the endocannabinoid system?

• And much more!

With over 300 pages of information, hundreds of references to Cannabis and cannabinoid research articles, activities, quizzes, and tons of additional recommended resources, Curious About Cannabis will become an essential text for educators, researchers, consumers, and enthusiasts alike!