Cannabis: The Facts, Human Rights and the Law: The Report



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FOREWORD by a Nobel laureate former official adviser to U.S. government. ENDORSED by a Professor of Physiology Fellow of the Royal Society, a Professor of Harvard University School of Medicine, academics, doctors (of jurisprudence, medicine, homeopathy) and judges (U.S. & U.K.) – SEE BACK COVER. THE REPORT presents irrefutable Legal Grounds for RESTORATION: RELEGALISATION, AMNESTY & RESTITUTION. All citizens persecuted under Prohibition are due Amnesty and Restitution (as for other Wrongful Penalisation).


THE REPORT is comprised of Seven Parts and gives an in-depth analysis of all the various aspects and uses of cannabis.

Part Two contains the unprecedented (new) CANNABIS BIOMASS ENERGY EQUATION (CBEE). It proves the cannabis crop by-product, PYROLYTIC CH3OH methanol, offers the immediately available total world replacement for fossils and uranium. Such macro-cultivation simultaneously increases world production of protein-rich staple seed food (no relaxant in seed). THE REPORT establishes the inadequacies of THC-free so-called “industrial hemp” by comparison with the full-blooded large sativas.

The CBEE FORMULATION proffers production-cost-free (i.e., FREE) CH3OH oil-gasoline-type fuel for all power-station, industrial, land, sea and air transportation and domestic energy supply, with ZERO net atmospheric increase of CO2. The CBEE exposes monumental ulterior motive behind marijuana ‘prohibition’; a bankowner-corporate-government subterfuge; a false fuel-energy monopoly. The CBEE demonstrates governments’ mendacity in their claims to wish to reduce carbon emissions, and proves “carbon tax” to be a fraudulent government imposture.

To cause crime to occur is to be accountable for the crime, morally and legally. To consent to any measure is to share responsibility for its results.
Legalised, cannabis grows anywhere: the benign herb’s foliage and flowers come free or at an insignificant price, but yielding no revenues to government and no profits to corporations. However, prohibition creates the Black Market: the Economic Effects of Prohibition (scarcity + enforcement, etc.) augment “street” value by 3000% plus, making all Black Market associated crime inevitable. The political commodities’ prohibition, the War on Drugs, or that is to say, the politicians who pass and the judiciaries who maintain the legislation are culpable for the engenderment of a significant proportion of all crimes throughout the West (official statistics).

THE REPORT collates the medico-scientific empirical Findings of Fact and Conclusions of the government-funded clinical studies conducted by world-respected research and academic institutions into non-toxic, non-addictive benign natural herb cannabis (differentiated from pharmaceutical laboratory toxic product THC). The investigations’ evidence exonerates cannabis from all allegations of ‘harm’ and ‘impairment’ (including tests on simulated driving), exempting cannabis from all legislative criteria of control (‘prohibition’). THE REPORT investigates THC and other sources of the ongoing fabricated derogation of cannabis.

Six Parts (chapters) include expert documentary evidence, vindicating all private cultivation, trade, possession and use, and which further exposes perjury and venality behind prohibition ‘legislation’, all acts of enforcement constituting crime per se.

Part Seven, RESTORATION: JUSTICE AND THE CONSTITUTION, exposes corruption, ineptitude and injustice in the justice process; examines Law: natural law, supreme secular legem terræ Constitutional common law, treaties, statutes; quotes presidents, judges, lawyers and chief justices.