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Cannabis recipes and extracts and how to use them: THE NEVERENDING STORY OF CANNABIS EXTRACT. The types of concentrates and their method of extraction


Cannabis extracts constitute an entire universe, once you’ve stepped inside you might get lost in the multitude of extraction products that can be consumed in multiple ways, some of which are at this very moment being imagined. In fact, this is what keeps an entire industry going and growing – the imagination and perseverance of the passionate souls. Those who are developing more and more efficient techniques, experimenting, playing, failing but keeping on and in the end developing specific methods for their specific needs. The medical marijuana industry draws its roots as well as its amazing continual improvement and expansion to the few of us that prepare our medicines at home, the way we like it and share the knowledge with the rest of the family. Sharing and caring is what we owe to this plant in first place.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

– THE PROCESS OF EXTRACTION – EXTRACTS – Kief – Hashish – Butane Hash Oil – The Rosin Tech – Rick Simpson oil – alcohol extraction – Tincture – Olive oil extraction – Cannabutter – Cannamilk -Cookies