Cannabis Legalization and the Bible: Compatible or Not?

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What does the Bible say about making a creation of almighty God’s illegal or immoral? This book uncovers the ugly truth about America’s “drug war”, while disproving all the myths and government propaganda about medical marijuana. In this book you will discover the following:

1. America’s drug war is based on racism and illegality on the part of government, and particularly law enforcement. 2. The private prison industry is raking in billions of US taxpayer money because of the “drug war”. 3. Alcohol, tobacco, prescription pain killers, and codeine are all at least five times more dangerous than marijuana. 4. The pharmaceutical industry, as well as law enforcement, benefit financially from the drug war. 5. The federal government has been lying for decades about the addictive properties of medical marijuana. Cannabis has been repeatedly proven in study after study to be non-addictive.

This book blows the lid off the “war on drugs” while proving conclusively that the “drug war” is actually an all-out war on the American people. Our time to rise up has come.