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Cannabis (Earth Wellness)


Cannabis, made by God for his creation, learn how Cannabis is used for many things from hemp rope to mood lifting, to wellness overall, and how Cannabis can improve not only the human footprint, but the world as it has for many civilizations now gone. The more you know the more you want to know. Soli Deo Gloria forever. *** Our national parks, nature and earth are beautiful, a legacy from God, to love and protect globally. National Parks and all of nature, farm lands, crops and water are heavily polluted by abuses of corporations, and others wishing to profit and destroy these lands and seas of the world. Use of chemtrails, intentional un-natural disasters, creation by people of all kinds of disasters that can befall the earth using technologies such as HAARP stations x over a hundred, space fences times thousands, nuclear waste and radiation, these and more are used in Star Wars modern warfare in earth, outer space, and vicinity. Using plasma from the sun, gravity from space bodies, the gravity and power from nature, especially in national parks, is taking place for God knows only how long. The force of these activities and intentional genocide of all is not acceptable ever in the past or present or future. Soli Deo Gloria forever Laurel is a seeker of justice and life, well being for God’s creation. Believer in good stories about almost all genre, ages, subjects and materials. Believe once again that stories can be great and productive, teach with honor and love, made with honor and love of God for the world to be a better more splendid place. Whether it is nature stories, fairy tales, animals, poetry, education, planners, calendars, journals, home and garden, school and office, it is about bringing more of a good thing into your life. Soli Deo Gloria forever. https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B006UYOMAO http://astore.amazon.com/httpswwwcreat0a-20 *** https://laurelsobol.tumblr.com http://livewelllivefreeforever.tumblr.com http://beeautifulbees.tumblr.com http://nationalparksglobal.tumblr.com