Annual Tax Mess Organizer For The Cannabis/Marijuana Industry: Help for self-employed individuals who did not keep itemized income & expense records during the business year. (Annual Taxes)



FOUR HOURS TO TAX FRENZY FREEDOM Updated 2016. When April 15th gets close people in the new marijuana industry, from growers and medible makers to distributors and trimmers, all across the United States go into tax frenzy. These independent contractors become unnecessarily stressed out, putting their business on hold, while they deal with a disorganized pile of receipts and paperwork that sits between them and an audit-proof tax return. This ANNUAL TAX MESS ORGANIZER explains how to get on top of that paperwork quickly, allowing you to satisfy the IRS and get back to work in four hours or less. All you need to make the organizer work is the organizational forms included in this book, 25 large envelopes, an adding machine and an empty table or desk top. Step by step, this book shows you how to: • Sort your own receipts • Understand what the IRS expects • Organize information for you or your tax preparer The examples in this ANNUAL TAX MESS ORGANIZER will work for independent workers in the cannabis/marijuana trade. It includes a variety of examples and situations that can be applied to all types of self-employment situations. The author has also written a number of other industry-specific organizers; those contain examples and situations pertaining only to that particular industry. For those who have always prepared their own personal tax return, there is a chapter on how to fill out the small business Schedule C. Self employment taxes, 1040 entries, and other deductions available to the independent contractor are also explained.